DotA 2 Arcana Giveaway

At the end of every single month, we will give one luck person, an Arcana of their choice.

How It Works

  1. Everyone who is a subscriber to our YouTube channel and is also subscribed to our mailing list via the form below is eligible for the giveaway.
  2. At the end of each month, we simply run a random number generator script with the maximum number being the current number of subscribers and the number that pops up is the winner.
  3. We contact the winner via email asap telling them of the happy news and we purchase the Arcana immediately showing proof to the chosen one.
  4. Finally, in 7 days, the Arcana becomes tradeable and then we send it to the winner. The end.


Here is the testimonial of the March 2017 Arcana giveaway winner:

Exception Gaming 2nd Arcana Giveaway Proof

What You Need To Do To Win The Arcana

  1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.
  2. Sign-up via the email form below.

P.S. Don’t subscribe with more than one email because we compare names from the form below with names from our YouTube subscribers list. Cheaters will be removed and banned from future giveaways.